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I'll be there for you..

I remember Freshman year in our college dorm, eating pizza and watching Friends with this girl! When I was asked to be one of her MOHs, I knew exactly what the theme of her bridal shower should be. This bridal shower was so exciting to plan and decorate for Katelyn. We both love the TV show Friends, and had a moment of silence when it off of Netflix. Oh well, back to the old school dvds, I suppose.

The theme was executed from the beginning with the invitations, designed by best friend,

and other MOH, Andi. As a group, we decided to make the shower mid-afternoon to combine two of Kate's favorite things: coffee and sweets. This is also a great idea if your on a budget. Each bridesmaid or man contributed a dessert and we had a ton leftover. As you will see in the picture, I had Three Melons Bake Shop create "Friends" themed cookies which everyone loved and took home. For the desserts we served at the shower, we kept on theme with the TV Show.

Monica- Mockolate Brownies

Rachel- Trifle

Ross- Oreos

Chandler- Cheesecake

Phoebe- Chocolate Chip Cookies

Joey- Dessert Pizza

Kate loves Shower Games, so we had more than the an average

shower. We however kept them simple with mostly how well to do you know the couple questions. Also, Bridesmaid India had a Jeopardy game which Kate absolutely adored. This game was little different as we had the tables be teams instead of playing individually.

As for decorating, I loved the idea of having a mis-matched look of Monica's apartment. To accomplish this, we used a mixture of different plates and cups on the place settings. I had also found peephole frame key chains from Wish. With a a pair of pliers, I easily removed the chain, and they made perfect napkin rings. Each table was based off of the characters. We had a quote about love from each character, themed cookies and macarons, stickers, and objects representing each. I must say this was one of my favorite themes to decorate for!

These delicious and adorable macarons were created by Crumbs & Crumbles.

For favors, each bridesmaid or man provided some mugs for the guests to use that day and to take home. Normally, I would suggest skipping on the favors, but this idea I loved.Kate is a mug collector so I love that it represented her and practical.

I found these coffee stirrers on Etsy.

It is so satisfying for me as a planner and decorator when the theme is carried from beginning to end. Now I can't wait for Andi to get married so we can have an "Office" themed shower :)

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